Plumbing Assembly
for Adding Hydrogen Peroxide


Hardware to permit easy application of hydrogen peroxide for odor control


  • 4-inch PEX-lined steel nipple
  • lead-free, full-port ball valve
  • lead-free brass tee
  • three 3-inch lead-free brass nipples
  • pipe thread seal tape
  • instructions

Fits all residential water heaters with 3/4-inch plumbing. Requires about 15 inches of overhead clearance.

IMPORTANT! If you have an electric water heater made after April 2015 by A.O. Smith, Lochinvar, State, Kenmore, Reliance, American, Maytag or Whirlpool; or Rheem, Ruud, Richmond, or GE, let us know because you'll need a pipe nipple longer than four inches.

Click here to learn how to read the label to know when a water heater was made.


If you have a vacation cabin, or a water heater that gets little use and thus, has rotten-egg odor, going to a different kind of anode is usually a waste of time and money. This is the only sure fix. It enables you to easily add peroxide to a heater at the start of your visit.


  • pipe wrench
  • adjustable pliers


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The products offered here are designed to make water heaters last longer, or solve specific problems. Installation is potentially do-it-yourself, but if you have the least doubt about your abilities, we suggest that you obtain expert help.

Remember also that if you have difficulties with installation, odds are that a professional or handyman will know a way to do it.

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